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As we have seen, the UK Prime Minister has surprisingly called earlier last week for General Election to take place on 8 June 2017. Authorized by Parliament on 19 April 2017, this Election is likely to freeze the Parliamentary business very soon.

Arrived in July 2016 without election, the UK Prime Minister appears to have taken this decision on a pure political basis to strengthen her power and clarify the Brexit process.

On the UPC side, considering that we were still expecting to receive positive news from the UK on the indicated timetable, already out of date, to be ready in December, the news is likely to delay even more the first expectations.  Supposed to be laid before Parliament just after Easter, UK legislation on privileges and immunities for provisional application of the UPC Agreement should not take place now and the launch of the UPC in December 2017 appears to be doubtful.

Despite the reactivity and the proactivity of all the stakeholders of the UPC, this new uncertainty regarding its timetable is not satisfactory.

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