Adapting contractual practices to take into account the UPC and the Unitary Patent (co-ownership, opt out, litigation)

The entry into force of the UPC is an unprecedented change in the patent law landscape in Europe.

This new system brings about changes in almost all areas of patent portfolio management.


Starting a litigation at the end of the sunrise period

Sunrise period - Lavoix's blog

The sunrise period, which precedes the start of the UPC by three months, will start on March 1st.

The sunrise period will be strategic in the preparation of your future litigation, whether it is an action for invalidity or an action for infringement, as a claimant or in defense.


Germany has deposited its ratification for the UPC Agreement

JUB - Blog Lavoix

Germany has ratified the UPC Agreement on February 17, 2023, see


Unitary patent and Unified Patent Court: organization and impacts on IP rights

Lavoix - Unitary Patent - Unified Patent Court

Camille Pecnard participated in a round table on the unitary patent and the JUB for the Lettre des Juristes d’Affaires (LJA) which resulted in an article in their magazine.


When to file opt-out applications?

JUB - When to file opt-out applications ?

What does « opt-out » mean?
Opt-out is a request to withdraw a European patent or a published application from the jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

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