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Publication of final judges list

The Unified Patent Court recently confirmed the appointment of the 85 judges (34 legally qualified judges and 51 technically qualified judges) for the entry into force of the UPC Agreement. Gérard Myon has been appointed technical qualified judge in Physics.

Gérard Myon – Appointed technical judge

Official announcement and full list available here


Double Protection between national Patent and European Patent with or without the unitary effect

The European Patent with unitary effect (“Unitary Patent”) will be introduced soon. The final stage of the preparatory work will be accomplished by the end of this summer and the final missing ratification will then be deposited by Germany.


Creation of a European patent with unitary effect and a unified patent jurisdiction

Damien Colombié, Industrial Property Attorney, and Camille Pecnard, Attorney at Law at LAVOIX, come back on the impact of the European Patent with Unitary Effect and the Unified Patent Jurisdiction, in page 5 and 6 of the weekly La Semaine Juridique.

To read the full article of La Semaine Juridique, click here.


Which Nationality for a patent with unitary effect?

The patents’ nationality in case of joint ownership is determined by Article 7 of Regulation 1257/2012 which states:


The opt-out and its reversibility

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